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Three Weeks to Feeling Sexy, Energetic and Glowing

Hormonal Harmony Detox is a gentle, easy, effective, guided program designed to support your body’s

natural ability to balance hormones and cleanse your liver, so you can look and feel incredible and

bring your Glow back from inside out!


Boost your energy?


Elevate your mood?


Master your metabolism?


And get your Glow back?



The 21-Day Hormonal Harmony Detox is a 3-week online program inspired by Petra’s own journey to hormonal balance, endless energy, glowing skin, and balanced health.

You will receive tools and guidance to help you to feel energized, excited and ready for each day with a proven and easy to implement 21-day detox program!


It’s designed to boost your energy, elevate your mood, master your metabolism and get your confidence back with these with 3 invigorating Phases — Preparation & Reset & Transition.

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 21.19.32.png


You are wondering what happened to your energy (but still somehow can’t sleep).


You are finding it difficult to concentrate throughout the day


You dread every period because of pain, bloating, and other symptoms


Your libido has been absent for longer than you’d wish to say


Your confidence is on ground zero because your clothes are getting tighter and tighter no matter what you try


You have frequent headaches


You are getting sick all the time


You are suffering with skin issues and digestive distress


Brain fog has left you feeling fuzzy and frazzled and your mood has become short, irritable, cranky


You are trapped in a body you don’t recognize any more.

To give you the answer, I will share with you my story…


You might even be questioning,

“Do other women your age feel this way?”

Unfortunately, yes, there are many women not getting the help they need and being told that this is just part of getting older.  

But please make no mistake, feeling irritable, bloated, cranky, weepy, fatigued, and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is NOT normal.

You have to understand this. You are a busy woman. Your schedule is hectic. Your goals are big. 

Your performance needs to be top-notch to keep up with the pace of your life.

And I want to help you begin to heal your hormones and your body to get you feeling calm, full of energy, and glowing!


Recent unprecedented times have increased the stress levels for most women.


... Staying calm and positive, and using this time to treat themselves like Goddesses and boost their Glow UP so they can Show up with conficence.


… Who are able to handle all the chaos that is arounds us — and are actually THRIVING and GLOWING...

…They’re NOT feeling like their bodies are working against them.

… They are NOT crawling through the day, desperate for the next big sugar or caffeine fix.

... They are NOT overwhelmed by their never ending to-do list.

… And they’re not distracted from what they want to accomplish in their life because of unexplained weight gain, chronic exhaustion, havoc hormones, raging inflammation, emotional eating, or digestive troubles that make them bloated and uncomfortable.


Instead, they’re sleeping easy and wake up energised.

They are more productive with less stress — winding down each day feeling happy and accomplished.

AND they look more Glowing than they ever did in their younger years!



So, What’s Their Secret?

HOW are these women are circumnavigating what’s considered a “normal part of aging”...



10 years ago, I was finding my feet as a new mother, balancing corporate job as well as finishing my supplemental law degree…


But most days I felt like a sleepwalking overweight Cruella de Ville.


I was suffering from painful stomach issues, chronic skin problems, insomnia, being 35 lbs overweight, and chronic exhaustion (which I thought was normal as a mother).


After endless tests and specialists, I was told that everything was ‘normal’ and I was sent home with two prescriptions: birth control pill and antidepressant.


In my gut, I knew that this was not right for me and after years of feeling and looking awful, I decided to become my own health advocate. I learned how food, lifestyle, nutrient deficiencies, stress, and gut health affected my hormones…and overall health. 


Most importantly, I learned that my symptoms were not unique. I leaned that way too many women struggle with hormone issues, like mine, without clear solutions – for all their life!


I made a commitment to immerse myself in absolutely everything that had to do with how to find a NATURAL solution that would get to the ROOT of my symptoms how to get my lost GLOW back. So I changed my diet and lifestyle, create my own “Glow Up” recipes to heal my gut flora and break my sugar habit, addressed nutritional deficiencies by researching the best the BEST supplements to take, prioritised stress management and sleep, and my energy started to shift, my health drastically started to improve, eyes brighter, skin smoother, and finally felt GOOD in my body. 


And it worked!


Everything I discovered was fascinating! None every even remotely discussed by my doctors. 


In this transformation, I found my calling and completed professional certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to properly learn about different aspects of nutrition, gut and hormone connection and overall wellbeing. Within weeks of applying the techniques I was learning, my mindset and entire take on life shifted. All I did was make small, but powerful tweaks.


With NO lab test to be able to start.


Within 3 weeks, I started to notice that I had incredible energy again, energy like I hadn’t seen since I was a child. Upon waking up, I felt rested. My brain fog was gone and I didn’t find myself searching my phone whilst using it as my flashlight!


Best of all, my gut was in a happy place and I didn’t look like 6 months pregnant by the end of the day and my weight started to finally shift.


I could simply be me, lady boss, mother, wife, daughter, and expert to thousands more women because...


I took EVERYTHING I learned and started teaching other female leaders who are busy and struggling with low energy and confidence or health issues that doctors can't seem to put their fingers on, how they can do the same. 


From high-performing female leaders who need to go after their goals.


to supermoms who juggle work, kids, a partner (and furry babies)


Who’ve taken these same easy steps . . .

It's Called


… to guide you, motivate you, and allow you to say goodbye to fatigue, stubborn weight and gut issues.


—and YES to Glowing, Revitalised YOU.





Toxin Removal + Mindful Body Awareness for Restoring balance.

  • You’ll learn how to maximize your health and balance your hormones faster using proven supplements* and techniques to enhance the process. If you’ve been experiencing low energy, moods, libido, or stubborn weight, it is important to provide your body with all of the support it needs. It’s time to create a total package to support your body with a 21 Day Detox.

  • You will learn why and how to detox, not only your body but your environment and mind.

  • You’ll begin with a gentle, food-based liver cleanse. During this time, gentle detox practices will be introduced, along with instructions to help you get started.

  • And we’ll get you tuned into your body. You’ll start making shifts to bring more awareness to how you feel and how you go about your day.

*Supplements are not required for participation.




Cleanse, Restore & Regenerate Cells to Balance Hormones 

In Phase 2 we’ll begin incorporating healing to support liver health and natural elimination of waste.

  • You’ll start the day with a gentle cleansing practices to cleanse your liver followed by a delicious hormone healing and liver cleansing smoothie for breakfast.

  • Lunch is focused on healthy hormone balancing foods.

  • Enjoy a detox enhancing meal for dinner.

*Supplements are not required for participation.


"Petra's sunny disposition along with her in-depth training and knowledge in health and nutrition helps to transform your wellbeing and finally feel confident in your own skin. "






Transition to a Hormone Loving Diet

  • In the final step, I'll teach you how to understand which foods and lifestyle factors might be at the root of your hormone symptoms. 

  • You’ll be given a guide and symptom tracker to help you understand the very best foods for you and keep you on track to heal your hormones, boost your energy and maintain your Glow.

Why Detox?

Why is the 21-Day Detox different from any other detox ?

Most detoxes are designed to focus on quick fixes like weight loss just to get you temporary results. 


Resulting to… the weight (and some) coming screaming back because you’ve just shocked your system and messed your metabolism with reduced calories. 


The 21-Day Detox is NOT a Quick fix — you’re eating some of the most delicious foods… WITHOUT spending all day in the kitchen. 


This detox is focused on giving you THE RIGHT FOODS WITH RECIPES. There is ZERO guesswork about what to eat or eliminate. 


Simply just follow the plan, you’re going to automatically get what your body needs without having to think about it.


You’ll get everything you need to gently cleanse your body, starting with your LIVER.


Yes, your liver! 


Now, you might not immediately associate your liver with your hormones, sweaty hot flashes, miserable brain fog, night sweats, crushing fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, belly fat, lack of sex drive or focus, etc., etc., etc.




We live in a time where our environment is overrun with toxins.

But what exactly does all of this have to do with hormones?

Your liver! Your liver is responsible for processing metabolic waste, environmental toxins and

hormones from the body. This means that your liver’s role is seen more essential.


If your liver is…

A - Lacking the nutrients it needs to do it’s job

B - Overrun with environmental toxins

C - Over burdened by a sluggish digestive tract

D - All of the above

Then you need to give it some serious attention!


If your liver is overworked and overburdened, then your hormones will suffer. Liver is responsible to prepare hormones for

removal by your gut.


What happens if your liver can’t do its job?


You end up with way more hormones than your body was

expecting, resulting in hormonal havoc!  


This is one of the most common results is estrogen dominance.

Signs of Estrogen Dominance

  • Weight gain, especially hips, butt and thighs

  • Hair loss

  • Acne

  • Heavy, painful periods

  • Swollen, tender breasts

  • Increased irritability

  • Mood swings

  • Hot flashes

  • Fibrocystic breasts

  • Fibroids

  • Ovarian cysts

  • Fertility issues


And this hormone imbalance can keep your thyroid down (hello weight gain), put stress on your adrenal glands and really

mess with your mood.

But it doesn’t have to. You can reclaim your life!


This 21-Day Detox removes liver, gut, and hormone harming foods from your diet and replaces them with nutrient-dense,

calming foods so you can give your body a much-needed break!


And you can do it in three short weeks!


And because we focus on real, unprocessed, and anti-inflammatory whole foods, your body will receive the full nutrient

profile of what it needs so it will stop sending out craving signals for what it’s missing.

Woman at the Beach

Here’s what you will receive when you

join us


Immediate 24/7 Access to 21-day Hormonal Harmony Detox program learning platform, including any and all BONUSES you qualify for!

Video Library that will guide you on the best foods, mind-body practices, and daily rituals to support your entire body in a detox. 

Home Detox guide - This holistic approach will not only help you eliminate unwanted and harmful toxins from your body — it will also show you how to eliminate excess toxins in your home and environment.

21-Day Meal plans & recipes

Detox Friendly shopping list

Quick Start Detox Guide

Daily Detox Practices

Liver cleansing “How to” videos

Cleanse centered audio meditation

Daily Journal

Food Re-introduction Tracking sheet

Bonus expert interviews

Access to our Detox Facebook community to ask questions



PLUS: A BONUS library filled with extra goodies

to help you create even more success once your foundation is in place! 

21​ - Day Healthy Habit Challenge

Daily Detox & Hormonal Balance Smoothie Guide

Bonus expert interviews with leading health experts on stress management and mindfulness practices for hormonal harmony success

How to do Coffee Enemas Guide

How to do Castor Oil packs​

How it works

Upon registration you will receive immediate access to the entire 10-step program. You can go through the content in your own time, and repeat the course as often as you like.



Many women ask if they must take the recommended supplements to do the 21-Day Detox.  


The answer is yes, you can purchase the detox instructions alone.


However, when you use the exact supplements as instructed, you will make the most of your time and energy. 


I have spent countless hours researching the purest, natural detox supplements for supporting your liver in optimal removal of toxins and fuelling your cells with all the nutrients needed for optimal detox and balanced health. 


Neuner Cure is 100% natural, herbal formula loaded with unique herbs for boosting liver function, whole body detoxification, remineralisation and metabolism optimisation.  


I’m guessing you probably don’t want to operate at 60% when you could be doing life at 110%.

You want to do this right so you can see and feel major improvements in your energy levels,

cravings, and waistline... while decreasing brain fog, stubborn weight, fatigue, and gut troubles

(or you wouldn’t be reading this).

Woman by the Water



Have the energy to last the entire day, instead of feeling the afternoon crashes and foggy mornings.

Feeling joyful, resilient to stress and in love with life no matter what time of the month it is.

Have your period without feeling bloated, weepy, or any other PMS symptoms.

Feel sexy, confident with Glow that comes from the inside 

Yes, you really can ...

Have all-day energy without caffeine or sugar fixes

Feel focused and in control of your mood without medications

Balance your hormones and make periods easier without hormones

Improve your skin

Eliminate bloating

Reclaim the glow and confidence back in your life

You just need to give your body what it has been asking for all along…


to bring back your glow?

Petra Lawes is Certified Holistic Hormone Harmony Coach & Perimenopause Expert helping perimenopausal female leaders around the world to balance their hormones, regain their energy, confidence & glow from inside out.

Her mission  is  to  provide education,  a  guided  approach  to wellness  that  brought  her  from chronically  fatigued, bloated, painfully  inflamed  with  messed  up hormones  and severe  skin problems  to  energetic  and  glowing Expert to thousands other women struggling the same.  


She wants  to  empower  busy  women to  reclaim  their  glow back  from  within  through  the  strategies,  tips  and programs  that she has developed to regain energy, balance hormones, beat the bloat and drop the extra weight that keeps so many women from feeling confident and beautiful in their skin so they can Glow Up to Show Up.




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