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Discover how you can reboot your metabolism and feel better than you have in years.

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Discover how you can reset your metabolism and feel better than you have in years.

Metabolism isn’t just about losing weight. It’s also about energy, clear thought, healing and recovery. When metabolism stalls, health and vitality suffer. 

I created the MetaMan program, specifically designed to support men in achieving optimal metabolic health and longevity. My goal is to encourage men to advocate for themselves and provide a platform for midlife men to take control of their health. The MetaMan program supports overall well-being and helps men nourish your body to remain assertive, sharp-minded, strong, fit, and in good shape long into your mature years.

You are unique. And so are your health and nutritional needs


Is this for you?

  • Are you are feeling drained and exhausted, and wonder what happened to your body, waistline, productivity, confidence and motivation?

  • Rising cholesterol, blood sugar issues, and/or blood pressure?

  • Erectile dysfunction?

  • Bloating, wind, bloating, reflux, heartburn, IBS?

  • Have you tried different quick fixes in the past and improved some of the symptoms and lost some weight temporarily, to then gain it all back again?

  • If any of these apply to you, and you’re ready to unlock your next level of SUCCESS, get in touch with me. I’ve designed the perfect program for you based on my special science-based methodology.

These are all clear signs that your metabolism is out of balance.

Fortunately, Metabolic Reset Method can help you regain a stable metabolism so you can heal your metabolism and feel great again, now and in the long term.


...with a Metabolic Reset Plan created just for you.


Imagine if you could..

  • Boost your energy

  • Reach your optimal weight

  • Optimise your health

  • Be more vibrant, present and positive

  • Achieve more and reach your personal goals


MetaMan is an innovative scientifically proven all natural program designed for Midlife Men, that brings balance to your hormones, metabolism, gut health and optimises your health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long term weight management, devised by medical experts with decades of research and development. 


No fads, pills or potions, just normal food.

What sets MetaMan Program apart? It's not a cookie-cutter solution; it's a bespoke roadmap to your well-being. 


...according to your health parameters.


A detailed analysis of your medical history, current health, body measurements and medications, combined with your blood results, are the prerequisites for a truly effective metabolic and nutrition plan. MetaMan Program also takes into account your food preferences and cultural background when generating your personal plan. 

Healing from Within: Tackling Insulin Resistance and Inflammation

The Science Behind the Success

Ever wondered why your body seems to be working against you? It's all about balance, and that's exactly what MetaMan Program is designed to achieve. We delve deep into your unique health parameters, analysing your medical history, current health status, body measurements, medications, and blood results. This personalised approach lays the foundation for an effective metabolic and nutrition plan tailored just for you.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition and that is why optimum results are only achieved when it is scientifically personalised for you. 


Say goodbye to fatigue, infections, allergies, inflammation, and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.

MetaMan Program isn't about managing symptoms; it's about addressing the root cause. We focus on healing insulin resistance and reducing inflammation, two key players in the metabolic syndrome. By understanding your body's unique needs, we pave the way for lasting transformation.


How You Can Work With Me

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12-Week Program to create a long-term change. This can be extended depending on personal circumstances and the level of support required by purchasing additional sessions.

  • An initial 1:1 nutritional and metabolic assessment with a full dietary analysis, in-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical/family history, current habits, lifestyle and stress load (Personalised Consultation).

  • A personalised nutrition and supplement (if needed) programme suited to your own personal needs.

  • 12 weekly coaching calls for additional metabolic health, nutrition, lifestyle support via Zoom.

  • Recommendations on additional clinical tests and interpretation if applicable.

  • Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation.

  • Supplement guidance and 10% discount off natural supplements.

  • Private WhatssApp group support during business hours.


Personalised Consultation

This includes detailed case history, exploring your symptoms and medical history in order to understand the underlying cause/s in your case, and to produce a therapeutic plan.

At the end of the appointment, Petra will spend some time explaining her understanding of your case, and you will leave the session with a clear understanding of why you are getting the symptoms you are, and most importantly, with a clear plan of how to address this. 

You will be sent a comprehensive naturopathic plan within five working days, which will provide you with individualised recommendations based around your diet, lifestyle changes, supplementation.

Note: You will be sent a questionnaire and three-day food diary to complete in advance of the consultation, to ensure that the focus remains on key areas of the case history during the appointment. Depending on your case, Petra may recommend some further testing to gain a deeper insight into the imbalances driving your symptoms. She will discuss this with you in your consultation where appropriate.

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Are You Ready To Activate Your Inner Healer?

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